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Hey guys! Sorry I've been nowhere, I've been working a lot and playing not a lot, even tho I was trying to do a picture a day, PAHAHA THAT never worked XD 
Instead I'm gonna take cheap commissions to force myself to draw again, HAHA! Also cos some sites only take paypal and I wanna buy things! XD:heart:

:star:I will stop taking points after I receive enough for a subscription :P
:star:I only take paypal $usd
:star:Note me! XD 
:star: There are things I won't draw so lemme know what kinda thing you want

:bulletred:$10 or 700 points per character, cel shaded $10 commissions 6 by Go-Devil-Dante and I get to do whatever I want with your characters muahaha! You can give me some keywords to what you want your pic to be like if you want but if you want them doing some complicated/specific or with a background chuck in another $5 plz :love:

:bulletred:$5 or 350 points for up to 2 chars pencil sketch: sketch request 4 TheartloverGP by Go-Devil-Dante

:bulletred:$15 or 1000 points per character if you want effects </b> or just more love in the rendering I want cape too bro by Go-Devil-DanteCats, the danceical by Go-Devil-Dantehow it goes down in the wild by Go-Devil-Dante who knows what I mean by this... I DON'T HAHA! XD :love:

:bulletblue:Also lemme know if anyone wants this mailed to you for free:… Prussia x germany . A must-have if you like uke germany :P (Lick) 28 pages

TO DO LIST - COMMISSIONS ON HOLD till after 17th April 

1. :iconmaru-sha: done
2. :iconarchyarcane: done
3. :iconflyingrabbitmonkey: done
4. :iconshockingblankets: done
5. :iconusuratonkachi18: done
6.:iconle-shadow-rose: done
7. :iconxlovelylittlejo: done
8. :iconeloarei: ocs?
9. :iconchibiangel86: done
10. :iconnekobecki: teen wolf - test sketching

Sorry if I'm slow to reply your notes, I only have a few hours each evening so I'm trying to get drawings of people who've paid, done before moving onto new commissions :love:

waiting list: full

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IamSharkgirl Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Your video was realy cool and funny :clap: Please, continue to do videos, I'll be wait :D
if i get supper powers ill do to gays what Hitler did to the jews
im going to find you
Hello everyone, this is L. And I am happy to announce that I am planing to make an ask L game here on deviantart. Just comment on this page and ask me any type of questions you like. I'd be delighted to answer them. 

Loplovinglydia Mar 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi, I know your comic is the first thing that comes up when searching for fall out boy stuff even though it's pretty old now, so I wondered if you were still a fan? I'm making and giving fob a fanbook when I meet them in June and I'm trying to get as many people to contribute as possible, so if you're interested could you please check it out? I made a document with more details here:…
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