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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 21, 2015, 3:58 PM

SO, I only recently finished watching Legend of Korra and now I must use the powers of obsession to draw, DRAW, DRAW!!! (for like, the 2 weeks I have left of holidays AAAAH!)
Commissions are not officially open or closed, if you desperately want one then note me but I'll only take it on if I want to HAHA!
Life is still BUSYYYYY, working is ok but no time for drawing! I wish I could do that whole Patreon thing so I could be paid to draw all day but I'm too chicken to commit time to it since there isn't much time after work finishes, bah!
well, we'll see what happens HAHA!
and some people have asked for tumblr tho I dunno if you expect to see the same stuff on there or different stuff?…

:new: BOOPS, sorry I'm so nowhere, I found out I gotta move house soon AAAAH! I have too much stuff! XD

IF ANYONE WANTS DOUJINS, NOTE ME! I'm moving house so I gotta downsize HAHA!

These are via paypal, postage is $3.50 and is included in the price,  OR, I will trade for a commission from you HAHA!
I will also trade my dodgy yaoi original sketches and inkings because I soon will have nowhere to hide them so I gotta get rid of them HAHA! I have sketches/inkings of: bleach (groups of renji, urahara, ishida or kenpachi pics mainly,)  soul eater, (kidd and soul) tintin, dance central, axis power hetalia.... ask me and I will trade as many pages as will fit into an envelope for a single sketch of bolin/some other dude from legend of korra XD

Will I ever truly be back hair? I mean.. here?

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 8, 2014, 3:14 PM

Tumblr cos people are asking!??…

PRICE HIKE!! Cos I'm busier now, so only people who really want them will order them I guess haha! :love:

:star:I only take paypal $usd
:star:Note me! XD 
:star: There are things I won't draw so lemme know what kinda thing you want
:star: I get to do whatever I want with your characters muahaha! You can give me some keywords to what you want your pic to be like if you want but if you want them doing some complicated or specific or with a background chuck in another $10 plz :love:

:bulletred:$15 per character, cel shaded  $10 commissions 6 by Go-Devil-Dante 

:bulletred:$5 per character pencil sketch (scanned,. or +$15 to mail it. Must be specified beforehand!): sketch request 4 TheartloverGP by Go-Devil-Dante

:bulletred:$20 per character if you want effects or just more love in the rendering  I want cape too bro by Go-Devil-Dante Cats, the danceical by Go-Devil-Dante who knows what I mean by this... I DON'T HAHA! XD :love:

doujins n sketches?

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2012, 8:37 PM

O GOD I'm gonna try wake up and do this thing which is like a bunch of REAL artists talking together... and then ME PAHAHAHA I don't know why I was invited!!…
But if you wanna watch me talking sheeeeeeeeeit come along HAHAHA! :love:

ASKtheARTIST: Bi-Annual Artist Mixer Panel by thefluffyshrimp

I kno this is late notice but I've been working NON STOP... IN SUMMER!?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo! XD


:new:WOOP! Thanks everyone who came and interviewed me, that was pretty fun HAHA!

I'm doing this --> :iconasktheartist: where apparently you can ask me questions? It's confusing cos it's gonna be on at 4pm Sunday 30th NZ time, which is like 8pm saturday 29th LA time / 11pm New York / 4am London etc HAHA check here to find out when it's on for you…

Also I'm selling some doujin cos I'm not reading em and I don't wanna carry em round every time I move flat no more! XD

:bulletred: Note me for buyings plz XD
:bulletred: I take paypal and postage ($3.40) is included in the price
:bulletred: If you want me to mail you a sketch of up to 2 characters with your doujin add $5 to the bill. I'm still busy in life so I'm not doing them separately, only for buyers HAHA!

:star:… $5 (Byakuya/Ukitake) 24 pages
:star:… $5 (Kenpachi) 36 comic pages/14 novel pages. I dunno what's goin on in this one HAHA!… $15 (Ikkaku/Yumichika, Gin/Izuru) 26 pages… $10 Mayuri in his random life XD 24 pages


:star:… $8 Prussia x germany . A must-have if you like uke germany :P 28 pages… $8 Russia x germany 26 comic pages / 16 novel pages… $7 Germany x Prussia 20 pages 
:star:… $5 Germany x Prussia  8 page comic/10 page novel
:star:… $10 L x raito 20 pages… $8 L x raito 28 pages… $12 L x raito 42 pages

doujin/sketch sale - russia germany by Go-Devil-Dante

Mature Content

doujin sale sketch - Dr Who by Go-Devil-Dante

Mature Content

doujin sale sketch - Luxord by Go-Devil-Dante

Where am I?? XD

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2011, 4:51 AM

Sorry guys, I'm dying with real life work and society and guild wars priorities PAHAHAHA! I'll be here, just slowly, so slowly XD


Thanks for all your comments and faves!! :love: I do read em all, it just takes me a while to get to replying em. (in some cases... 1.5 years. XD)  Now that I don't have as much free time I'm being greedy and wanting to spend it drawing instead of replying hundreds of comments HAHA! :love:


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2011, 4:29 AM

Keen an eye on :iconmonkeyjay:'s journal for Fighting is Magic game updates! --->…:P



YOU GUYS RULED!!!! WE friggin loved ALL the entries O man, our dance central hunger is INSATIABLE HAHAHA! We want more more MORE!! But since we got less entries than prizes, EVERYONE WHO ENTERED THIS CONTEST gets a prize PAHAHAHA! (tho if you said you wanted nothing then you win this: :love: my love HAHA! :love:
So if you haven't already, note me a name + address, typed out like it should look on your envelope, so I can send you stuff for being SO AWESOMMMME!!! :love:  

:star:Combined vote ultimate winner::star:
Ummmm by Kai152  by :iconkai152: HAHA funny, sexy and wellll drawn :drool: Tho special mention for this entry of her's by Rahhc XD aw Grannddmmaawww by Kai152

:star:Runner ups!:star:

giving back by douzocosplay by :icondouzocosplay: HAHA makes me smile, their poses, so awesome XD

Mature Content

Angel Crack - Private Dance by TsukiaStar
by :icontsukiastar: Everyone wants in that :drool:

Mature Content

that'll hurt by fresch-debo
by :iconfresch-debo: HEHE this made us laff, angel's such a jerk XD
Superstars XD by bsChocobar by :iconbschocobar: Awesome cuteness heart attack!

and our mystery guest's favs were the following!:
Matryoshka and DC crossover by mikuruofdoom by :iconmikuruofdoom:
contest entry by emeraldpop by :iconemeraldpop:

I... I just want to list them all. HAHA! You guys did wickedly, I LOVE YOU for entertaining us!! :hug: I'll start sending stuff out soon!
Click here to see all entries --->…


OK the crazy hours are back on HAHA! I'll be going into hobo mode again till sept! :love: Will get on as much as poss but sorry if my replies are real late!

Mini dance central contest!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 30, 2011, 3:16 AM

hey guys, so... :iconrahhc: and I are totally obsessed with Dance Central and need more fanart dammit!! What better way to get this than to give away things for it HAHA! So...

:bulletred: Draw us Angel or Maccoy doing anything with another character (or each other) ANYTHING AT ALL! Be imaginative :P funny sexy and cute are our faves. Interacting with each other are more fun :P
:bulletred: any medium, image/comic/sketch/anything, though if you're not colouring it try to make sure your idea is gold :D
:new: :bulletred: Know what? Do as many entries as you want, we need as much DC art as we can get HAHA!

:star:REFERENCE! --->…

:bulletblue:  DEADLINE: 2nd July NZ time!
:bulletblue:  HOW:         Send me a NOTE called "CONTEST ENTRY!" with the link to your finished deviation in the body.
:bulletblue:  PRIZES:     In your deviation DESCRIPTION, list what prizes you want (in order of most want to least) from this journal:… (commissions not included) If you're not fussed you can just say "anything DN or bleach" or something,

Footnote 2 doujin by Go-Devil-Dante Prizes now include my last, big Death Note Footnote 2 doujin ... I just found one HAHAHA!  

:cake: I don't want to spend more than $100 on postage so 30 winners is the max I'll do, though if there aren't many entries I'll make it so there are less winners who win more than 1 thing each. And if there's no entries... I WILL DANCE CENTRAL MY OWN GRAVE!! XD
:sunnysideup: Will figure out judging later. I'm guessing me and rahhc will pick some, then popular vote and then lucky draw HAHAHA!


1. :thumb209773928: by :iconrikusan15:
2. :thumb210187962: by :iconalice1008:

Mature Content

AngelXMaccoy - Damn Nerd by Sakqia
by :iconsakqia:
4. giving back by douzocosplayMaccoy Be Pimp'n by douzocosplayby :icondouzocosplay:

Mature Content

Milk on the Dance Floor by mikuruofdoom
Matryoshka and DC crossover by mikuruofdoom by :iconmikuruofdoom:
6. contest entry by emeraldpop by :iconemeraldpop:

Mature Content

Thanks for the meal Mccoy by Yukinoposhottie
by :iconyukinoposhottie:
8. GODD DC Contest thing by Kai152aw Grannddmmaawww by Kai152Ummmm by Kai152

Mature Content

Derp :B by Kai152
by :iconkai152:

Mature Content

Angel Crack - Private Dance by TsukiaStar
DC-Doujin - Angel Fever by TsukiaStarDC-Doujin - Angel Fever - p2 by TsukiaStar

Mature Content

DC-Doujin - Angel Fever - p3 by TsukiaStar
by :icontsukiastar:
10. Dance Central Plushies by ninjakitty-17 by :iconninjakitty-17:
11. DC: Rumble by OrangeRisk by :iconorangerisk:
12. What is it Angel by kmilAEvelin by :iconkmilaevelin:
13. :thumb216108020: by :iconkagurauchiha:
14. FREAK complete by HyperNoey by :iconhypernoey:
15. Only a kiss by RainboWings by :iconrainbowings:

Mature Content

that'll hurt by fresch-debo
by :iconfresch-debo:
17. Superstars XD by bsChocobar by :iconbschocobar:

more just for yums :P
Dance Central - My love, Angel by bsChocobarAngel, give me your roseXD by bsChocobarAngel Big Macc by Kai152

I'm only free on Sundays to check DA now so if I don't reply your note for 6 days don't worry XD


2-4-1 commission dealiyoyo closed

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 18, 2011, 2:02 AM

:star: Free pix for commissioning my buddies for the month of FEBRUARY!! :star:

I'm not doing commissions myself this time round, but each commission you get from one of my friends gets you a free sketch of the same character (unless specified) from one us: :icongo-devil-dante::icontsukiastar::iconmikanrock::iconfelisdeityus::iconrahhc:

:bulletred:It's a lucky draw to see who you'll get a picture from!
:bulletred:Each $10 spend on 1 artist will get you 1 free sketch from 1 of the other deviants on the list. So spend $40 amd you get a pic from all 4 of us!
:bulletred:Commission all 4 of them or spend $40+ and my free sketch for you is upgraded to either a digi coloured pic (1 char or 2 torsos hurhur) or stuff from my leftover merch here:… (excluding most ATLA stuff so lemme know if you want something from that series XD)

Check other deviants' journals for more freebies or if they're offering more than sketches!

HOW? you ask. Simple. Send a note to whoever you want to commission and have paypal set up. HAHA!

Lucky dip free sketches:
1. :icontmckee12: cameron   rainbowlicious punkface by Go-Devil-Dante

upgraded free sketch from me for commissioning all 4 peeps:
1. :iconamneco: digital pic, Jack Jack B sexilicious by Go-Devil-Dante and ren/sasha brush your teeeeeeth by Go-Devil-Dante
2. :iconfoxgloryxxx: mailed traditional pic  (kazuki and len)   gay markers by Go-Devil-Dante
3. :iconsapphirahiro: Dante Dante ... the OTHER dante by Go-Devil-Dante
4. :iconkatierose91: Kurt and Blaine, Glee making it big in the biz by Go-Devil-Dante
5. :iconpurplelemon: merchip chip the little merman by Go-Devil-Dante
6. :iconmizukai: DN angel x Lelouch Death from above by Go-Devil-Dante
7. :iconriceforbreakfast: Klavier x Prussia Prussian barmaid by Go-Devil-Dante




So, 2010 was kinda hell for me, my health went megacrap and I'm still recovering. Also, at the end of the last job I got a new one straight after! WOOHOO! I'm a junior animator ... :spotlight-left:ON A MOVIE:spotlight-right: HAHAHAHA! FINALLY!! I'll let you know what one when I can... tell you XD
Thank you for still watching even tho I'm a shitty poo bums now. :love:


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 13, 2010, 7:25 PM

HEY GUYS!! I've noticed after 4 months of starting this job I've got like 26,000 messages and 50 notes, asking for commissions or help or info but...


I have been so busy, done no drawing, had no life, HAHA! Amd I have no internet so I'm at monkeyjay's house while he's in the shower HAHA! I dunno... kinda feeling lame, after this contract I may try come back to DA or I may accept that I have to do more 3D animation to get somewhere in life ...

CONFUUUSED!! ANyway, love you guys, thanks for supporting me all these years and hopefully I'll see you sometime round xmas XD



Journal Entry: Fri May 14, 2010, 4:35 PM

HEY GUYS!! Just letting you know, that DAMN I'm busy!! And moving into a crazy little flat in town to do some intense work till like, October, so I might not be round much since we don't have internet there HAHA! Drawings may be slow as crap, or done traditionally even?? HAHA! Cos I dont' even know if we'll have a computer there, NOOO! HAHA! It's so small!!

Uke Dante Stamp by LillumSama :iconsaysplz: Here are my choices for my sex slaves from the GXD club:

GxD sex slave contest entry by kenjichan The bitchy bff
Sexy cums in Leather by Thunder-Tomoko The booty call

Mature Content

manself for Gods and Dante by Tidna
The party boy
Bishie SK? by SimplyKaren The crazy guy
Errr..a thing for a contest by EminaAcqua The supercute uke

and :thumb161183228: is the stalker who I try to be friends with but only cos I'm afraid of him raping me HAHA!

So many hot entries, I'll post something for you all over the next few months!!


$10 2-4-1 sketches OVER!!!!!!!!!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 31, 2010, 6:17 PM



Older post:

Firstly... HAHA GODS X DANTE HAS COSPLAYERS! XD HOLD ME, BABY by MrFreezeBug:thumb160560255:

OK, for the :icongodsxdante-club: club :icongodshellsing: and I are drawing 5 bishie sex slaves each, if you wanna be one of em click to read the journal

THANK YOU EVERYONE Who, in THIS POLL offered me places to stay with them! You guys are SO AMAZINGLY KIND!!! :love::hug::love: Sorry I couldn't reply everyone but I'll definitely come back to the poll when I've decided where to go and when :P

And if you're visiting NZ from afar lemme know and I might be able to accommodate you for a bit! (I live with my sis at the moment so there are some factors that might affect how long you can crash here for HAHA!)
I'm in wellington and I can drive too HAHA! Just letting you know if you're serious about it to note me, cos I'm SO slow with my replies! If I'm free I can take you round places and stuff XD

Meanwhile I'm not officially opening commissions cos I really should do some stuff to get me a job, and I still read your comments even if I don't reply, I just can't reply everyone anymore like I used to :cry: I WANNA DO GERMANY RUSSIA AND FRANCE SO BAD HAHAHA! :love::drool:


Also,  :heart::love::heart::love::heart::love:THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!! :heart::love::heart::love::heart::love: for all the offers for places to stay! Of course I'd draw you porn and stuff HAHA!
I'll get on my replies ASAP, goin on a road trip for :iconrahhc:'s bday this weekend!!

Also,  There are some AWESOME deals you guys posted in this poll! If you're lookin for nice, cheap commissions, click that link!

Finally, I love phobs XD Check out this hetalia dev: Hetalia countries and bosses by Phobs


$10 commissions to be finished. Itsu's getting swamped but says she'll finish em before the end of this month for sure!:
11. :iconkazumikuwabara: 4 OCs :star::star-half:
12. :iconpikachugoddess: ryuichi x eiri :star::star-half:


:new: THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT, GUYS!! :love::love: The deal is now over, so... please do not send money through randomly or I'll send it back minus the paypal fees, XD
when we finish these I'll post em in a big dev XD

(old journal follows)...

JUST A QUICK NOTE!! We'll only take the sketch commissions for people who pay by midnight 31st march NZ time... I've decided I don't want to do them next month, I may keep my own commissions open but I also wanna be doing more proper drawing/colouring practice haha! :love:


HEY GUYS!! I know I've been slack and many of you may have abandonned me, but I think I'll be able to post my animation this coming weekend, EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It's like... 16mb, O SHIT!

Anyway, so birthdays are this month, including :icontsukiastar:'s, who is still broke from moving house and she wants to do that 2 for 1 sketch thing again!

These were last times ones:

Mature Content

2 4 1 sketch commissions by Go-Devil-Dante
And yes, we'll do PORNO YAOI SEX too, HAHAHA!

So basically....

:bulletred: $10 for 2 pics of 1 char (drawn by each of us) or if you want 2 different characters then we can draw 1 char each in separate pictures. XD
:bulletred: $20 for 4 chars, either all separate or 2 pairings (2 drawn by itsu and 2 by me)
:bulletred: it's in $USD and we can only take paypal unless you're in NZ... but it's still $USD for this one XD And we can mail you the originals for $5 each pic + $3 postage for each of us.

So just note me with  "241!!" in the subject :P These will all be done over the month of MARCH! :love:
:new: OK... new commissions will be done by April 15th at the latest, just cos we may run out of time haha!


Older journal XD

in other news... I'd been stuck not animating, because I wanted to draw germany and france... and not doing that cos I thought I should be animating... finally I just COMBINED THE 2! HAHAHA! I put them in my animation and ... :icongermanyxfrance: Finally made a plz account that meets my needs HUR HUR!! (except I forgot the "plz" in the name...)

ALTHOUGH!! :new: if anyone has any france+ germany related fanfics, fanart, anything, they should post a link in the journal or deviation of that account so we can all enjoy some of it especially meeeeeeee HAHAHAHA! :drool:

:star: Individual pics to be done:  
1. :iconevilauthor: OC bird :star::star:
2. :iconsnapegoescommando: goku x vegeta... with tails XD :star::star:
3. :iconrainkitsune: russia, shirtless n drunk XD :star::star:
4. :iconpiratekingpetin: OC Kansas :star::star:
6. :iconsapphirahiro: Saguru and Kaitou :star::star:
6. :iconreogun: OCs Vash/James and Mits/James :star::star:
7. :iconiridiumfeathers: OCs cezar and pilgrim :star::star:
8. :iconkreamasuzuki: England :star::star:
9. :iconriceforbreakfast: gary/ash, souji/yousuke :star::star:
10. :iconquibears: OC atreyu :star::star:
11. :iconkazumikuwabara: 4 OCs :star::star-half:
12. :iconpikachugoddess: ryuichi x eiri :star::star-half:

:star: Pics to be done with ItsuTsu on the 18th:
1. :iconpandorkful: Silent Hill's James x Harry :star::star:
2. :iconrainbowsplatterz: Mello x near :star::star:
3. :iconfreerunnercho: OCs Russel x Hal :star::star:
4. :iconlistersgirl: RoyxEd (mailed) :star: :star:
5. :iconthespokesman: OCs bob/rowan and bob/jaynoa (mailed) :star::star:
6. :iconmukaddam: France and anyone XD (mailed) :star::star:
7. :iconemery-board: Bleach OCs, Tanaka and Kagawa (mailed) :star::star:


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 19, 2009, 8:05 PM

On my previous journals you guys were like "take photos! tell me bout it!" so here it is in a nutshell:
JAPAN IS AAAAAAAAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconchibijapanplz:


top left was Kiyimizu temple in Kyoto, Kyoto's a 15 min train ride from Osaka (on the bullet train) so 4 of us stayed in a tiny spare room at a friend's house in Osaka and just commuted :P Kyoto's loooovely but the bus can take about 50 mins from one end of town to the other. We went to monkey park and fed monkeys and went to a flea market, and to a bunch of other temples haha! the top right pic is the 2 shops you NEED to go to in Akihabara: Tora no Ana and Animate, so huge, so delicious :drool:
Osaka's awesome, so lively and colourful, Denden town is like a giant street with heaps of figurines and random merchandise that we didn't see in tokyo such as this hetalia cup!!


the first pic was from a butler cafe in Ikebukuro where you can pay to get photos with them but instead i wanted a photo of them TOGETHER MUAHAHAHA! :drool: the 2nd is the cup I won in a UFO catcher game XD


And above are BOYS! HAHAHA! schoolboys in Miyajima, boys dressed up for a gay pride festival outside our apartment, waiters outside on break, boys doubling up on bikes, the hottest was a guy at the kyoto markets making manju on the spot, YUM!! yum on both those things :drool: boys in leggings and boys RUNNING through the parks in kyoto dragging you in a carriage for a fee, Oh the boys, I loved it XD :love:

Cos we had already activated out 1 week rail pass we couldn't stay any longer in Osaka and used the last day to travel to tokyo and stayed in a hotel, and shopped for ages, HAHA! mostly clothes and porn, Aaaah japan, I love you, :love:

so there you have it! :love: if anyone's going to japan and wants more tips I got all my tips from you guys here:…

Also, for those interested, the godsxdante club interviewed me and :icongodshellsing: the other night and censored ... some parts (like totally random ones haha!) An Interview With Gods n Dante
    1. So in your opinion, are you Uke or seme?
    that wasn't he question.
    he question?
    I'm seme in my opinion. cos I have a penis that is the size of my age
    i feel like i should be seme but sometimes i donno.
    I'm a bottom seme. that likes to cry after we make love
    i cry while we make love
    because it was beautiful, not cos gods abuses me during,
    next question
    2. Where you originally into men, or did your significant other whip that out of you? [lol, whip]
    hahaha whip...
    yooou must whip it!


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 12:35 AM


:new: if you win a sketch feel free to colour it and post it yourself. Just put a link back to my original sketch in your deviation description like in this example here:

He's mine get your own by muffin-mixer and then if you note me back I can link to your pic from my sketch too :love:

If your sketch was coloured by me already then please don't repost it HAHA! I will start on replying my "replies" after this job finishes in a week, aaah, money to live on XD

and if I choose to colour some sketches and not others it has nothing to do with me choosing favourites, it's just that I felt like doing it at the time... XD SO SELFISH I KNOW HAHAHA! Sorry...

:iconrussiaplz:I wanna play games instead of doing work or replying comments HAHA! XD

Keep an eye on the text in my featured deviation box (top left of my page)and from now till 31st of Jan (unless something dum happens) I'll change the activity you can try in order to win your sketch. There's no notification so you have to check every day, like a sneak :bump:

I'll sketch the request you wrote in my poll ->… and post it full-size to scraps (unless porno) :P

:bulletred: I'll only be taking requests that are posted in this poll ->… cos I won't be able to find it otherwise.
:bulletred: If you have requested a character I don't know and there are no links, I'll choose the next person who won. (so you can click ctrl+f in my poll, search for your username and reply to your own comment with links if you want...)
This is because I want to do them as quick as possible, I won't wait for you to reply notes or tell me info...
:bulletred: If you requested heaps of things or too many characters I'll just pick one.
:bulletred: If you actually want a commission then I miiiight open them after I finish this animation... in like 3 months XD


Just while my friend :iconitsutsu: is bored and before she goes back home, anyone want 2 sketches for $10?  She flies out at 4pm tomorrow! PAHAHA WHY!??

mine're like this: commission freebie I forgot XD by Go-Devil-Dante and her's're like this

Mature Content

it's all madness I tell you by Go-Devil-Dante
(the pooing ones HAHA!) She'll do PORNO YAOI SEX too, HAHAHA!
:bulletred:1 char, or if you want 2 then we can draw 1 each. XD
:bulletred: if you want 2 ppl in one pic it's $20 but you get that from both of us XD

So for 2 for 1 sketches note me with  "241!!" in the subject :P It's 9pm so if we don't reply... we're asleep HAHA!

anyway, um... I am animating HAHA! :sprint: and if you have no money it's ok, simply tell me your fav hetalia pairing XD

SLOTS ARE FILLED! THANKS FOR ENTERTAINING US! The pics'll be posted tomorrow XD :heart:

SLOTS (since we dunno how many we'll get... we'll be awake in another 10 hours or so XD :love:)


(hetalia/Bleach doujins 4 sale ->…)

EHEHEHE!! Thank you so much for participating, I've always dreamed of doing a contest like this and all of you are AAAAAMAZING for either getting into a pretty frock or getting your man into one, I LOVE YOU GUYS!! :love::love: And while I loved ALL of them and the votes were close, here are the 2 official winners XD

:star: Photoshooter :star:



PRIZE 1 : $30USD  (or a 12 month subby or a 2 person "$10 commission" if you dont' have paypal to receive monies)

:star: Myspace Star :star:


:iconthats-your-funeral:I Feel Pretty by Thats-Your-Funeral

PRIZE 2 : a picture of yourself anime bishified (in skirt) HAHA! So if you didn't wanna show your face on the pic you have to show it to me personally if you win,

View All entries </b>

Not in contest but a very good cosplayer XD:




THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!But we got so sick of everyday life that me, :iconrahhc: and our friend in aussie just booked tickets for Japan from the 18th oct - 2nd nov!! HAHAHAHA!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!! :love::love:

We're gonna travel round Osaka/Kyoto kinda area for the first week, if anyone's round there who wants to maybe... take us places or let us sleep on their floor?? HAHAHA! PLEASE DOOOOO!!! We'll draw you porn!! HAHA!
the 2nd week we'll be in Tokyo, spending it up!!! and if anyone lives in tokyo who wouldn't mind 3 vagabonds invading *wink wink nudge nudge* HAHA!!

THEREFORE!! the Men in Skirts contest is extended till the ... FIFTH of NOVEMBER, I'll then post the entries on the 6th, people will vote for a week and yea!!
but until then I have HEAPS to do, life wise, so I may not be able to reply/update entries etc till we get back, and the commission freebies will be done ... by the 10th Nov at the latest!! I'm sorry guys!! I just GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY FOR A BIT!!!!!!!!! XD


:new: :iconinnocent-rain:'s selling some bishie calendars for next year if anyone's interested :)  ->…
she also did some this sweet animation for me, years ago XD -HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAZ- by Innocent-raiN it's looong! XD and pretty :P

:new: Hey guys! I bolded some rules I wanted followed haha! From now on if your photo don't follow the rules I won't enter it, MUAHAHA! I'll post the pic here for man-skirt publicity tho :love: Sorry, I had to be firm so I dont' get a flood of old random photos of people, I want NEW and IN! XD
Check the bottom o the journal for entries! I'll put new entries in when I get them, and update this journal when it's time to vote, :love: Sorry for late replies!!

This isn't so much of a contest as it is me being a huge perv and wanting to see guys in skirts, MUAHAHAHA!!

basically I want you to post a photo of yourself (if you're a man) or your manfriend IN A SKIRT!! And I don't mean a full scottish kilt uniform or some pic of you as a kid in your sister's tutu, I mean YOU: ALL MAN... IN A PRETTY NUMBER! XD :love:

If you don't wanna post it you can't win a prize, but I'll happily perv at you through email haha! just note me with the word PERV in your note title somewhere... HAHA!

Gerneral rules:
:new: :bulletblue:The photo must be taken especially for this contest not just one you took ages ago,

:bulletblue: Contest ends 5pm on the 30th October NZ time, I judge for prize 1 and popular vote decides for prize 2. No idea how I'll decide who wins.. it'll just be my fav for any reason XD
:bulletblue: males only, no chicks dressed as male characters this time hehe!
:bulletblue: Guys have to be wearing a skirt, or dress of some type, CHECK THESE BABIES OUT!! XD ->… (all from the book mentioned in the pic)and NO PANTS ALLOWED! HAHA! unless they go with the outfit,
:bulletblue: if your man wants to be anonymous you can tastefully crop him or have a nice back shot or if it's a costume he could wear some kinda mask/blindfold? HAHA!
:bulletblue: if you only have a kilt to wear, then you aren't allowed pants or tops HAHA!
:bulletblue: no stuffed bras please, this isn't about guys pretending to be girls, (i'm not in denial for my love of penis HAHA!) but about ... well I was gonna say guys lookin hot in skirts but I bet it's mostly about girls blackmailing their boyfriends and guys havin crazy fun, so LET IT BEGIN THEN! XD :love:

there'll be 2 prizes (cos I dont' think this'll be very popular really...)

:star: Photoshooter :star:

PRIZE 1 : $30USD  (or a 12 month subby or a 2 person "$10 commission" if you dont' have paypal to receive monies)

:new::bulletred: Unless you're someone I already know as a photographer, or trust, you gotta have your username somewhere in your image, could be written on his bod, graffiti'd on the bg... just to make sure random people aren't just sending in photos from the net with their heads cropped off.

:bulletred: to enter for this one, take the pic, upload it to DA/online and note me with the title: "MAKE ME A STAR!"
:bulletred: Pics in this category should be more photoshoot-like, ie. the pic has an idea behind it/you've taken the time to think about location/lighting/maybe it's a costume/cosplay... it doesn't have to be crazy, it could just be about a guy doing something completely everyday but wearing a skirt, but it just can't be... what the next category's about which is...

:star: Myspace Star :star:

PRIZE 2 : a picture of yourself anime bishified (in skirt) HAHA! So if you didn't wanna show your face on the pic you have to show it to me personally if you win,

:bulletred: to enter for this one, take the pic, upload it to DA/online and note me with the title: "WHO'S THAT BOY?"
:bulletred: this is you posting a pic of yourself/your boy in a skirt, but you have no photographic sense/idea, it's just you in a random space, with random lighting, or head cropped off if you wanna be anonymous,
:bulletred: (Unless you are taking a photo of yourself with one hand and find this too tricky...) The guy must physically hold a drawing of a speech bubble with something written in it HAHA! (even if his head's cropped off) BUT keep it under 20 words.... could be "I can do backflips" or "I like cheese on toast" or "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW DANTE!?? I know you are." HAHAHA! Anyway...


Lastly, :love:THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! :love: To everyone who participated in the Commission Contest, those who bought commissions, who faved n commented on their works and who offered to help people without paypal!! YOU GUYS'RE SO AWESOOOOOOOOOOOME!!! :heart: I'm sure they're still up for commissions, but my part in the whole affair is over now, haha!

Update on me:

I was doing the flash animated music video (featuring Death note, Bleach, Avatar, Naruto, Hetalia + more!) and I did FIFTY SECONDS in ONE WEEK HAHAHA! ...and then I got 2 weeks of this animating job and now my right arm is starting to kill me so... I'm takin it easy, sorry for the slow replying, I just really ... feel... that men in skirts will help me heal, BWAHAHAHAHA! :love:

VOTE NOW for your fave man in a skirt!!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 5, 2009, 4:44 PM
Monkeyjay photoshopped his face as the avatar and I threw aang in with him XD

JAPAN WAS AWESOME!! So anyway, I'm judging the photoshooter entries so you guys vote for your face Myspacer entry!

:star:HOW TO VOTE::star:

:bulletred: Send me a note with the subject as "I VOTE FOR NUMBER" and then insert the number you want to vote for in the subject line.
:bulletred: You can only vote ONCE, and I won't read any notes, only the subject lines with the vote in it.
:bulletred: Voting ends in 7 days, (ie. 13th Nov in NZ) any votes cast as a comment or noted after this time won't be counted

Also, so many people didn't follow the rules so I ended up just including them all. XD

:star:ALL ENTRIES!!:star:

:star: category 1: Photoshooter - MAKE ME A STAR!

:iconhimelolikawaii: Me... in full lolita by HimeLoliKawaii

Mature Content

Flirty Skirty 1 by kh2kid


Mature Content

Come Hither by The-Muffin-Of-Death


Mature Content

Purple skirt by Angel-Reaper

:iconhorsemagicker: Inexplicable by horsemagicker
:iconalurafonfabre: My Gay Friend in a skirt by alurafonfabre

Mature Content

Men in Skirts by ToysAndChocolate

:icongaykeyboardwarrior: Dress by GayKeyboardWarrior

Mature Content

Men in Skirts by designyourfuture


Mature Content

Man Couple in Skirts by designyourfuture

:star: category 2: Myspacer - WHO'S THAT BOY?

:iconthats-your-funeral: I Feel Pretty by Thats-Your-Funeral

Mature Content

For Go-Devil-Dante by SoraChiyu


Mature Content

Money Shot by Baka-Crayon

:iconmonkeyjay: Me in a tutu by monkeyjay
:iconxin-my-darkest-hourx: Dude in Devil Drag by XIn-My-Darkest-HourX
:iconzeroaria: Skirt Part Deux by Zeroaria

Mature Content

me by Mikeymischief

View All entries and original journal</b>




My job is on hiatus, they ran outa work after 3 days!! So.... I'm taking 20 $10USD commissions. Why only $10? Cos I'm only doing them in the theme of "sexy-cool" and you're giving me free reign to do what I want with your character :P

:bulletblue: paypal's the only way.
:bulletblue: this is for ONE character only. If you must have more then it's $10 each, in the same pic.
:bulletblue: Note me with the title "commission" and the following details:

- The character (can be OCs but no full on furries unless you're amneco)
- If you DON'T want your character in a dress/skirt, you must say so.
- no other details. HAHAHA!

No one will know what the picture might turn out like until I start doing it HAHA! I feel like drawing pretty shiny boys is all! :love:

Your place is secured once paypal monies go in! :love:


:star::star::star::star::star::star: VOTE COUNT! :star::star::star::star::star::star:

-  votes: ( lovely participants!)
2a. firerubydragon HP!…. Orihime's secret fetish!…
19. FoxyGrimReapess Sleepover!…
20. nipoo Palmthrust: Underlying Truth!…
27. daitoshi Chains and .... activities....…
43. lizzylyssamay The Truth About Smoking !…
45. Sadie-Kun Busted!…
49. celtic-mistress Naruto Sleepover… (2 pages)
55. pink00 DeiTobi : Secret!…
61. Iaikaa Common spell!… (4 pages)
62. dazza1008 Sweet success!…
67. Aiyana-Ayama Matt make a choice!…
69. marauder-girl-16 dangers of weasley foods!…
76. MidnightDemon Creative spell…
81. Liu-Barrowin Bleach Fetish!…

1 vote:
3. Mythstae Avatar sleepover!…
4. monsterhedgehog My snake...…
9. Ice-Puppet Near's secret fetish!…
14. jadespider Cactuar Juice!…
22. Jadenjaden321 Sleepover fewn!…
31. KaimelsilmaMellonea Nice bag!…
35. megami195 Vlody's Secret Fetish!…
37. FreakishLemon Accio…
39a. SS-Creampuff L's secret... hobby!… 39b. Sexius Maximus… (2 pages)
40. KaimelsilmaMellonea The Sleepover!…
64. Zevnen Itachi's Secret Fetish!…

2 votes:
1. SoraTwinblade L's methods...…
7. LadyNightshade365 How it should have gone...…
10. RandomBlah A DN sleepover!
15. hyperthermophile L's Secret Fetish!…
25. Thorn21 Lust!…
30. Elicadragon Spin the bottle!…
66. Thunder-Tomoko L and Lights sleepover!…
78. climbtreez Levifontus!…
84. CascadinGEsctasY Pervs in ACTION!…
85. jessicii DN HP…

3 votes:
16. Aiyana-Ayama Choco pants!…
18.a CaptainJawa Matt's fetish… 18.b… 18c. Changtaculus Lemurcius…
23a. Raph1966 L's Favorite Toothpaste!… 23b. L's suit!…
34. RcBunnys2 Pantie Raid!…
38. itskiwisosmile Voldemort meets L!… (2 pages)
42. Toroki-chan Elf fighting!…
59. lostgirl89 puppet love!… 59b. L's secret… (3 pages)
80. UsedRomanceCH L's Little Secret!…

4 votes:
54. nothingthere2hurt L's fetish…
65. owlishmystic Raito's Sweet Sleep!…
73. ekormekolindo Disaster of a Plan!…
79. ayan harry's fetish!…

5 votes:
50. zoesensei Kakashi reversed sexy no jutsu!… Naruto's sexy slumber party!…
58a. JustLikeAnythingElse Sleepover!… 58b.…
77. mizzhart Zuko's fetish!…

6 votes:
11. DarkDemonWolf A new way!… (3 pages)
51. Inuchu Sasuke's…
70. tom-turbo Avatar Potter!… (animation)

7 votes:
5. Oregonkitty Safety word!…
75. MerwillaCosplay Makeup boys!…

8 votes:
13a. obscured-vision Bleach magic entry!… 13b. L's fetish!…
29. weirdoOnWhiteBread Ass cancer!…

9 votes:
28. WAngelChan Sweet Transvestite!…
71. SChedgehogxX Tom Riddle's Fetish!… (animation)

10 votes:
17a. ThineHobbit L's secret!… 17b. Sleepover!… 17c. Raito's fetish!…
68. pikapikashuichi HP_The Secret of Sir C and G!…

14 votes:
8. Hannahbul Ron Loves Socks!…

16 votes:
6. 7black-roses Sasukes secret fetish!… 6b. Naruto sleepover…

18 votes:
26. DragonSpirit469 DN: Harry Potter Fetish!…
82. Sophabelle L's Spells!…
83. allthedragonflies L's Lucky Day!… (3 pages)

21 votes:
24. imabubble HP fetish!…

22 votes:
44. KatsuyaCrimson DN Twister!…
63. k-u This sh-- is bananas!…

23 votes:
60. Toroki-chan Use Condomonius!…

27 votes:
52. Nokuthula Crossover!… (3 pages)

29 votes:
32a. Sarieu Bathroom trip!… 32b.… 32c. Sleepover Raito-kun…

32 votes:
21. GodsHellSing Choco lady!…
48. danzr4ever Raito's Polyjuice potion!…

38 votes:
57. smilyimp Slumber!… (5 pages)

42 votes:
56. yuumei Truth or dare!… (2 pages)

47 votes:
41. perplexilexi Creative HP Spell…

48 votes:
72. EmCaCo Slumber Party!… (2 pages)

49 votes:
36. Reenigrl Naruto slumber party!…

55 votes:
12. SpiritLeTitan DN slumber party!…

68 votes:
47. Hyura Matt's Slumber Party!…

74 votes:
53. Slinkers The Special Detention!…

77 votes:
74. Hani7 You go away now…

106 votes:
46. G-Mads The Ultimate Parody!… (animation)

Canada has a Pay Pal now!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 15, 2009, 3:15 PM

:new: :iconlistersgirl: is your payer in CANADA!!! YAAAAY! :love: and :icondanzr4ever: is also willing to take gift vouchers of equal or greater value for borders, barnes and noble, apple, gamestop, target or walmart in exchange for paying the commissionee if you don't wanna mail cash! :love:

:new: APPARENTLY if you dont' have paypal but you have a credit card, the commissionee can email you an invoice, and you fill in your credit card details to pay for it, but I don't know much about that...

If you were one of the people on this poll    who had money they wanted to spend on commissionees in this journal, but had no paypal... well you MIGHT have a savior HAHA! I'll call em "payers"

:bulletred: Find out the cost of your commission first,
:bulletred: Note a payer below with a title like "PAYPAL PLZ?"
:bulletred: Decide between you what method is best for you: cash in the post, online banking or physical bank deposit. (Depends on what banks you belong to and your locations) Give them as much info in the note as possible to help them out, ie, what banks're in your area, if you have used cash in the mail before, your state, who you're commissioning and the price...
:bulletred:note, only send bills/notes in the mail not coins,
:bulletred: When you deposit money include your username somewhere on the form so the payer doesn't get confused about who's money it is.
:bulletred: When the deviant sees the cash in their bank they'll either transfer it to their paypal which can take 3-5 working days, and then they'll pay the commissionee, or they can choose to use existing paypal money instantly.
:bulletred: feel free to tip them HAHAHA! :love:

:iconluvchan: or :icondanzr4ever: will help you if you're in USA and you want to commission someone OUTSIDE of america. (cos if you wanna commission someone IN america, just post them cash or do a bank deposit...)
:iconxeshema: will help out too if the other guys get too busy,

:iconchamosia: will help you if you're in AUSTRALIA and want to commission someone outside Aus,

and I can help if you're in NZ and wanna commission outside haha!

Other volunteers are:
:iconishizusv: in El Salvador!
:iconsayashinigami: in Belgium!
:new::iconkamlotton: in Poland!

It just seems such a waste to have people with money and people with paypal separate, they should help each other out HAHA! If your country isn't listed then leave a comment and maybe someone will pick you up? XD :love:

</b>click to see ART TRADERS and other entries for the 30!

This relates to the contest I had goin on in THIS JOURNAL ->…

Thank you everyone who entered!! SUCH SEXY PICS HEHEHEHE!! I really hope you get commissions from this contest! :love

</b>click for PRIZE POOL!!

:star:The first person to commission one of "The Six" can choose a print/avatar from the prize pool! (ask them in your note if you're the first one. If you are, they have instructions for you :love:)

:star:If you're the first person to commission any of the other commissionees you get a free scanned sketch (or other media XD) of a character of your choice from me :) (ask them if you are their first customer, if you are then tell them ONE character you want me to draw for you, (provide references if they're OCs) and they will note me the info once you've paid them)

:star:if you're feeling spendy, gather passwords to put towards more prizes like prints and avatars and $10 commissions!
click here for info   :love:

:iconletter-tplz: :iconletter-hplz::iconletter-eplz::star::iconletter-splz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-xplz:

:iconakuma0828::thumb135420860: :thumb132335962: Commissions info:…… $5 10x10cm mini sketches.… $10 Black and white quality sketches.… $20 full copic coloured sketches.

:icondishrag::thumb135003263: :thumb134672440: Commission info:…… pixel icons $3… Simple character/background $7 + $3 extra characters… Characters, complex background $10 + $4 extra characters

:iconrahhc: BLAZE OF GLOOORY by Rahhc Free Sketch - IMPORTANT by Rahhccommission info:…… Sketches:  Pencil art with quick photoshop colouring: USD$6, extra characters: USD$3 each… colour : USD$10, extra characters: USD$5 each… Full colour: USD$20, extra characters: USD$10 each

:iconorca1989: commission info…… Coloured body with simple background – 18$… Coloured half body with simple background(2 characters) – 20$… Coloured body with complex background – 22$

:iconempressfunk: -Jerkbending- by EmpressFunk The Sapphire Thief by EmpressFunkcommission info:…… Full Body w/ flat Colors: $10… Full body w/shading + background: $20… Realistic Portraits: $30

:iconstrawberryquincy: Death the Kid Says... by StrawberryQuincy   Daydreams by StrawberryQuincyCommission…… Character bust (no background) $7… Waist up (full background) $17… Realism Bust $35

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

The first person to commission any of these guys gets a free scanned sketch (or other media XD) of a character of your choice from me :)

:icondirengreyfreak: It's Not Symmetrical? by direngreyfreak Sexy L by direngreyfreak… Commission Info (Includes examples in journal)
$5 for inked lineart or black and white shading
$10 for painted picture
$15 for comic


Mature Content

Happy Beefday by Egression
I Think I Believe by EgressionCommission…… Digital OC design $4 USD… Full-page gouache-and-ink (w/ editing) $7 USD… Full digital piece $5 USD

:iconshibbyx-x::thumb134534918::thumb123408777:commission information -… currency - $AUD… - traditional/digital sketch  $3… - coloured bust $5… - coloured fullbody $10

:iconryo-sensei::thumb134523325: :thumb131000020: Commission…… full sketch $2… lineart of entry $5… 4827[BL mofos] soft shading $22

:iconstefy-coool::thumb134508154::thumb48844766:Commission…… Pencil scketch no color 3$CAN a half character, 2$CAN/additionnal chara.… colored drawing of half a character 5$CAN, 3$CAN/additionnal.
Possibility of sending original or prints for 5$CAN + shipping fee extra.

:iconkalgeo: Death the Kid - Gangsta by kalgeo Nanashi No Con by kalgeoCommission Info:… Currency: $AUD… pencil sketch $2.50… sketch coloured $5… digital art $7.50

:iconpinkydragon9: ukitake by pinkydragon9 a little piece of heaven by pinkydragon9Commission info:…
b&w sketch $5
colored face $15
colored bust $20

:icontyrinecarver: Axis Powers _ WWII Version by TyrineCarver Valentine '09 by TyrineCarverCommission info:…… Pencil sketch- 3.00 - 11.00 USD… CG Single Character - 3.00- 26.00 USD… CG Full Piece - 35.00 USD

:iconspartichi: Zuko - in ze grass by Spartichi Candy man by Spartichi commission info:…… 5$ - Sketch… 10$ - Lines ( Lineart )… 30$ - Full CG (Lines + Colors + BG)

:icontheavianlimits::thumb134956028::thumb134466689:Commission…… Rough sketch + full body 5$… Speedpaint + full body 15$… Full colored + full body 30$

:iconmockingbyrd: Soul Eater Evans by Mockingbyrd Hot N Cold by Mockingbyrdcommission info:…… Fully colored/Price - $30… Black and white/Price - $20… Sketch/Price - $15

:icongreyfox123::thumb135338277: Commission info:…… Sketches  £4 GBP… Digital £6 - £12 GBP, This is not a fixed price as it will vary depending on whats requested.

:iconbeastofbloodgaara: APH - Freshen Up by beastofbloodgaara Otherwise Russia Will Come by beastofbloodgaara beastofbloodgaara.deviantart.c… - commission info
Black and White Sketches/Lineart: $5
Colored Portrait of 1 character: $10 (add $3 for every additional character)
Colored Picture w/ Background: $20 (this might be negotiable depending on complexity of background)

:iconbliky-chan::thumb135357551: :thumb130365313:commission info:…… 5$ for each character, Sketched… 8$ fully colored, cell shading, full body or headshot… 15-20$ Animations

:iconteseravait: RPG Manga - Mori by Teseravait Commission info:…… B&W ink $13… Colour $18… B&W OC Design $19

:iconasiaori::thumb135439946::thumb128005066:commission… Currency: $NZD
1 Full Body Character =$18
1 Character Head to Waist =$19
1 Character Head to Bust =$20

:iconnaka-ko: Soul Eater by Naka-ko No more than 2 characters, +$1 for every added character.
$5 for sketch…
$10 full color (marker only)…
$11 Full color (still Flash, not animated)…

:iconbaconshinobi: I think my hand is falling off by BaconShinobi:thumb133272575: commission info:…… shaded sketch $11 (+extra person $16)… shaded lineart $16 (but it'll be done on the computer, I swear)… painstakingly colored manliness $45 (+extra person $60)

:iconmeam-chan: Sokka for gdd by Meam-chan Metro-Fabulous by Meam-chan commission info:…… Chibi commissions $5… 1-2 character Copic color no background $15… full color with background $30

:iconturtlesea::thumb127882092: commission info:…… Sketches $4.95… Linearts $4.95… Full Color $7.25

:iconember960: Magical Girl Ukitake by ember960 APH - New Zealand by ember960 commission info: journal:…… pencil sketch of head $2USD… inked bust $4USD… colouring options from $4USD extra

:iconkreamasuzuki::thumb135463383: Percy Jackson: Dark Magic by KreamaSuzuki
Commission Info:</b>…
Cell CG Chibi $5 USD;</b>
Soft CG Chibi $10 USD;</b>


Journal Entry: Sat Sep 5, 2009, 10:25 PM
Monkeyjay photoshopped his face as the avatar and I threw aang in with him XD

I'm resubmitting this as I've been getting a lot of misunderstanding and the same questions over and over HAHA!

I mainly want to reiterate one thing:

PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO DO A REQUEST, if you ask me to animate something or draw something that I think is outrageous I will TELL IT TO YOUR FACE and you will swear at me, and we'll argue like assholes as has been happening lately HAHA! so to avoid me blowing up in your face, do not request things from me, thanks!



Please don't ask me to do art trades... I don't want to usually HAHA!

I don't do requests. I won't make an animation for you even if you ask nicely. HELLZ NO, takes so long, learn it yourself. And IF you ask me to do something ridiculous such as an animation or an image with ten of your fav characters in it, prepare yourself if I am in a bad mood when I read your request. HAHA! ...   

If you want something so bad, thenCOMMISSION ME  XD


He says "there's no such thing as a love potion"


I used Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and then Flash 8 for animations.
Get it from their site or google it.

:iconmonkeyjay: does all the voices in all my animations except for the one Raito scream and L's one sigh.

I won't email you a copy of any of the flashes or give permission to rip em and post em elsewhere.


Flash tutorial 4 mamo by Go-Devil-Dante FLASH TUTORIAL  Load n Play by Go-Devil-Dante
Read the description for troubleshooting, or other people's comments if I've replied. If it still doesn't work then, sorry, I'm not a real tutor.


I use photoshop for it all, and cut/paste tones that I find when I google "manga tones"
Check out my current journal to see if they're still available

6: CHAIN LETTERS/COMMENTS and MEMES: Say No to Chain Letters by Mr-Stamp

...honestly, if you note me/re-comment me truly believing my wildest dreams of bishie harems in skirts will come true if I pass on a chain letter... you are MENTAL AND WILL DIE. (at the end of your life, o noooooo!!) But seriously, if you note me with this I GET VERY ANGRY AND WILL BITE YOUR FACE OFF :)

and I also don't like random chain messages about hugging and friends cos they're not personalized like this one or this one hehe

And if you're tired of sending boring regular memes, here's some good ones: -->…

If you still post these, :iconfelisdeityus: will comment bash you as she has been doing, haha! And if you note them to me more than once... I will block you. COS I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!

If you tag me with the random facts meme I've replied every 5th person on this dev  with a random fact so I have in fact done it HAHA!


:bulletred:If you note me to ask if we can be friends... errr.. that's weird. Don't ask it. Just be cool enough to talk to. haha.

:bulletred:No more asking what age and sex I am XD If you wanna know why here's my experiences: I love some songs and bands till I either see how stupid their music vids are or read about how dum they are in real life. I just wanna show my pics without prejudice relating to who I am as a person.

:bulletred:And no more asking me to watch you. If I like what you do I'll watch you haha!


If you wanna do a pic using any of mine for reference or something like that, no need to ask as long as you link back to the pic you referenced and credit me in your description.


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2009, 1:45 PM

Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who entered!!! I so LOVED all the pics you did HAHAHA!! YOU GUYS RULE!!!

:cake::cake::cake: ART TRADERS!! If you wanna trade with one of these guys just note them! :):cake::cake::cake:

:iconmediarama:   The Bashfull Beauty by Mediarama I really like drawing original characters of other people! As long as there's a reference, or a really good description :p
:icondemonchick25: Iniabi ::redesign:: by demonchick25 I do mostly portrait type drawings.
:iconfrostypenguin14:  :thumb133980571:Will draw any fanart, OCs etc. in my chibi style for Vocaloid or Death Note fanart.
:iconnikkixkaila: :thumb133125628:Will draw anything (but furries) for pictures of my characters.
:iconxxyaoi-addictxx: Bleach 'Girls' Completed by XxYaoi-ADDICTxX I want to draw five male Bleach characters as girl's. Probably chibi.
:iconredkestrel::thumb134438237:I wanna draw normal people, or their OC's.
:iconhellphoenix-san: The devil's payday by Hellphoenix-san Just want to trade up with some cool people!  I will work for NOTHING, I just like the human contact.
:iconooddlexd: art trades go devil dante 2 by ooddleXD
:icontribblenuu: KHR - Hibari for Safe Schools by tribblenuu I WANT TO DRAW SOME CRACKY BL. The less sense it makes, the better!:B

:cake::cake::cake:BDAY GIFT ENTRIES FOR ATLA 30 SETS::cake::cake::cake:
SO HARD to choose!!!


Mature Content

Good Morning Ukitake by Cam94

:star::icondoodlebob-kendra: Got any 3's? by DoodleBob-Kendra

(other entries! note me an avatar char you like and I'll put em together in a thank you pic!! :love:)
:iconmickie0123: Ukitake-Finished piece by Mickie0123     :iconbee-panda::thumb133731511:
:iconzutaraxmylove: :thumb135362220:      :icondanzr4ever:

Mature Content

Germany says Happy B-day GDD by danzr4ever


Mature Content

THIRTY contest entry part1 by kenjichan

:cake::cake::cake:BDAY GIFTS::cake::cake::cake:

:icondebeginning: Ukki the belly dancer by DeBeginning :iconalurafonfabre: ukitake from Bleach by alurafonfabre     :iconmeggylove09: just for you by meggylove09     :iconiwantmyanime: WURST by iwantmyanime
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:iconlorenloup: MenInSkirts Magazine by lorenloup     :iconsonamae::thumb135262606:     :icontrigger-stormfire: Ukitake - Bleach by trigger-stormfire
:iconthedutchesse::thumb135320591:     :iconmitulsa::thumb134988424:     :iconooddlexd: go devil dante contest thingy by ooddleXD

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So I herd u liek nekid Soviets by airvee
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:iconb6l6u6e: Miniskirts by B6L6U6E     :iconlistersgirl:

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GDD Biethday Party by listersgirl
     :iconvavabeeb: Chibby L for Dante's BDAY by VavaBeeb
:icontrisscarr:     :icondejavil: fairy tale by dejavil     :iconsmilyimp:

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bruder by smilyimp

:iconcleocatra: Raito or Rongo? by Cleocatra :iconpkingsora: SPLAT by PkingSora :icongodshellsing: ash-tray by GodsHellSing


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2009, 4:25 AM

:new: CONTEST CLOSED!! am working stuff out now


HEY GUYS!! it's my birthday on the 1st of September so guess what? it's time for you to DRAW ME PICTURES! HAHA! I mean... I want to advertise other deviants who are trying to sell commissions/buy commissions/do art trades and help them find each other, so here's what the deal is:

:star:You will draw an image of bishie(s) of my choice, and the pic you draw for me will be the one I use to advertise you in my journal as being open for commissions, it'll be displayed something like this:

:iconrahhc: Raito and Snape Parody by Rahhc Free Sketch - IMPORTANT by Rahhc Commission info:…… sketches $5 per character… markered whole body $10… digital something something $30

(the first pic'll be your entry, the 2nd is a deviation of your choice, eg if you draw girls or anthro you can display them in the 2nd thumbnail. You can state up to 3 prices like cheap, medium and expensive, but your descriptions have to fit on one line each like above... or my journal will explode XD and only one link per line)

:star: I'll choose 6 winners, one from each anime series, and those deviants' first customers get mailed a print from me.
And the person to buy the first commission of any of the other deviants gets a scanned sketch of their fav char from me. or traditional media, whatever I feel like doing haha! :love:

:star: OK, But WHO/WHAT do I draw??  

:star: WHEN/WHAT DATES is this all happening!??

:star: I'm so SELLING commissions!

:star: I'm NOT selling commissions but I want to draw something...  

:star: Can I just draw something for you instead?  

:star: I wanna ART TRADE with someone instead!  

:star: I just want to BUY the commissions

if I made mistakes in this entry I'll reply comments tomorrow night so please try not to ask a question if someone else has :) I dunno if any of this is a good idea or if it'll work well but ... XD

If you wanna buy any last prints/magnets before they go out into the prize pool send me a note called PRINTS haha! CLICK HERE to see them :love:

Prize pool updated XD

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2009, 9:20 PM

This is for the contests I have going on in THIS JOURNAL ->…

ARE YOU THE FIRST CUSTOMER? If you commission one of the deviants, ask if you're their first customer, if you are they have instructions for you :love: Remember, you gotta pay them before you're officially the first customer, don't leave everyone hangin! XD :heart: I'll only hold prizes till the 12th :) IF YOU HAVE MONEY IN PAYPAL READY TO GO, THEN MENTION IT IN YOUR NOTE!!

:star: FEELING SPENDY?? For the month of September in this commissions deal, if you're avatarless (:iconsokka:) or you're just sick of your current avatar,  you can make purchases to get an "Avatar Prize" like below and other freebies:
also see bottom of journal for more info


:star::star:  :iconletter-pplz::iconletter-rplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-zplz::iconletter-eplz::iconletter-splz::star::star:

:star: Avatar prizes:

2 separate prizes of still image avatars like this :iconamneco:
2 separate prizes of animated avatars... I dunno what like haha! maybe like this :iconhardgayplz: or like a much shorter version of mine haha! but I dunno yet, I never done em for other people XD :icongo-devil-dante:
(for both you get the avatar sized version and the working version, which will be bigger, XD)

:star:  PRINTS:
Shut the fuck up, L by Go-Devil-Dantecommission - GORILLAZ RULZ by Go-Devil-Dantecomish - givin snape the evils by Go-Devil-Dante$10 commissions 3 by Go-Devil-DanteBoys in Blue by Go-Devil-Dante  geographic 101: lesson 1 by Go-Devil-Dante

(various sizes)
1+3. I have 2 Lpod prints and 1 gorillaz in this prize pool
5. the print is of Edward Elric
7. just the Near pic, not the sokka one.

:star: MAGNETS: groin katara is gone XD

Death Note Merchandise


Not part of the prize pool:

:star: postage is $3 per 1cm letter (or $2 for magnets and small pics)
:star: you can combine shipping if you want prints from :iconrahhc: or :iconfelisdeityus:

:star:  $10 PRINTS:(note: commissioned works are sold with permission by the commissioner :P)
Shut the fuck up, L by Go-Devil-Dantecommission - GORILLAZ RULZ by Go-Devil-Dante

:star:  MAGNETS :

Mature Content

soul symmetry by Go-Devil-Dante
Laminated magnet of Soul Eater $8



Feeling spendy? Why not cash in on some freeness while you're at it HAHA!

:bulletred: if you commission 2 people or more I'll do you a still image avatar. :iconamneco:They'd be similar to the $10 commissions I've been doing only ... smaller XD You get a version that's bigger too tho. 1 char only, unless you want 2 lookin all small like, XD

:bulletred: if you commission 3 people or more:
:bulletblue: you can choose a print or magnet from this journal for me to mail you

:bulletred: if you commission 4 people or more:
:bulletblue:I'll do you an animated avatar, you also get the full size swf/gif of it. Up to 2 chars with very simple animation, or 1 char with a bit more... I dunno how these'd come out but if you're spending money anyway and you have no avatar, why not? HAHA! :love:
:bulletblue: or you can choose anything from this journal for me to mail you

:bulletred: if you are magical and commission 6 people or more I'll do you a $10 commission like the ones I've been posting, up to 2 people. $10 commissions 5 by Go-Devil-Dante


:bulletred:In your commission note to each person, ONCE YOU'VE PAID THEM, ask:
"password plz!" and once you've gathered a bunch of passwords, simply note me with the subject line "FREE STUFF PLZ!!" and tell me the passwords next to each deviant's name/icon

:bulletred: if you've already gotten a prize from one of The Six for being their first customer this doesn't count towards the first deal listed sorry, and if you claim an avatar using 2 commissions you gotta start again if you want something worth 4 commissions etc XD  

Have fun :love:


Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2009, 4:52 AM

EHEHE!! We just came back from DO and it was cool fun! Met some really really cool and fun deviants, and had heaps of people ask if felisdeityus was me HAHA! cos felis is really hot HAHAHA! AND!! And I saw a soul eater cosplayer!! And I loudly dropped my soul-in-a-skirt print in front of him and he nervoursly tried pulling his shirt down over his crotch PAHAHA!! Awesome, XD

(for some reason DA won't let me create new journals, hence all the comments...)

I had WAY too many pictures to sell so I have heaps to get rid of HAHA! If you want any....

Hey guys! I realize I can't sell prints when I have the more attractive $10 commission deal, plus I won't have enough time to spend on doing heaps more commissions so...

:bulletred:I'll only open the $10USD commissions for people who also get a print (HAHA whatta jerk!!) but you get prints at 2/3rds of the price and I can chuck in your commission's original sketch too if you ask,

:bulletred:If you've already bought prints (or past ATLA prints) you can buy a $10 commission,

:bulletred:and if you've already bought a commission you can buy prints at 2/3rds of the price below haha! Though if you want your original sketch it might not be so easy since I did most of them 4 to a page on both sides sorry XD

:bulletred:I'll also open $10 commissions for those who commission Rahhc:…

Sorry bout this!! But my drawing hand is falling off. And I'm saving for a real holiday in Japan, aaah XD

</b>CLICK HERE to understand the $10 commission deal

:star: Paypal is needed!
If you don't have that then mail me some sweet, flat merchandise HAHA! Or other.
:star: I draw pics on your envelopes unless you say not to XD
:star: I won't mail out less that $5 worth of prints cos... I can't be bothered haha!
:star: postage is $3 per 1cm letter (or $2 for magnets and small pics)
:star: you can combine shipping if you want prints from :iconrahhc: or :iconfelisdeityus:

Heaps of these only have 1 copy left, so first in first served! XD

:star:  $10 PRINTS (of $11 for laminated ones, ask if you want one):

(note: commissioned works are sold with permission by the commissioner :P)

comish - sokka n zuko jrockers by Go-Devil-Dantesk8r boiz zuko and sokka by Go-Devil-Dante

Mature Content

Germany: Officer of Lust by Go-Devil-Dante
commission - Raito n snape BFF by Go-Devil-Dantecomish - givin snape the evils by Go-Devil-Dante

A4 size approximately(8" x 11")

:star:  $7 PRINTS (or 2 for $12):

Mature Content

soul symmetry by Go-Devil-Dante
EvansxElric slashhhh by Go-Devil-Dantecommission - Weasely trannies by Go-Devil-Dante$10 commissions 3 by Go-Devil-Dantecommish - Champloo Note by Go-Devil-DanteATLA thirty - Triple deal 2 by Go-Devil-Danteand finally... HOMOTALIA by Go-Devil-Dante

A4 size approximately (8" x 11")
1. the print's the older version with straight teeth in panel 1 that I printed,
2. soulXEd comic's about 11" x 6"
4. the print is of Edward Elric
6. laminated bling aangster is the print
8. the hetalia print's laid out side by side in an A4

:star:  any 2 for $10 PRINTS (or 5 for $20 for avatar pics):

Mature Content

HENTAILIA - tasteful NUDITY by Go-Devil-Dante
Soul in a skirt XD by Go-Devil-DanteBoys in Blue by Go-Devil-Dante
comish - givin snape the evils by Go-Devil-Dante

3. just the Near pic, not the sokka one.
5. snape/james one, the blacks in just the background went slightly stripy and it annoyed me XD

:star:  $1 - $3 PRINTS tho I won't mail out any less than $5 worth of prints... I just can't be bothered haha!):

(cock jet sold)
geographic 101: lesson 1 by Go-Devil-Dante $3 (about 4" x 5")
comish - sokka n zuko jrockers by Go-Devil-Dante $2 cos the blacks in their hair went stripy for some reason,

:star:  MAGNETS :
ATLA thirty - Triple deal 2 by Go-Devil-Dante Laminated magnet of blingy aang $8

Mature Content

soul symmetry by Go-Devil-Dante
Laminated magnet of Soul Eater $10

:star: $6 MAGNETS or 2 for $10: cheaper because they've been handled by people at the convention
approximate sizes:
Avatar - 3.5" square
death note - 2.5 x 3.5"

commish - Champloo Note by Go-Devil-Dante


BUNG (as in, edges are slightly cruddy) $2
Soul is taken sorry!  


$10 commission slots, :

1.Glitter-Bell OC Maki (done)
2.Usagi-CRI OC Phil (done)
3.pharaoh-fluffeh Shikamaru + Chouji  (done)
4.Kaname-Nakajima OCs Shiori + Kansas (done)
5.AmaiUzuRin Asian chick  (done)
6.zoesensei OC riku (done)
7.Freerunnercho weasely twins (done)
8.raezyn101 OC Raily (done)
9.zoesensei OCs Rei + Rikko (done)
10.SingingPenguin Katara + Toph (done)
11. PirateKingPetin OC Kansas (done)
12. iluvkenny35 south italy

IrrerasableSin OC kitsune
Ectite OC clockdude

:bulletred: download a .rar/.zip of all the scanlated manga Axis Power Hetalia strips out so far:…
:bulletred: site for indexes of the manga here:…

:star: Before you ask, please read myFAQ
:star:DN animations/doujins by me and other deviants right here

3 for 1 madness ends, thank yooou!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 23, 2009, 2:24 PM
:new: EHEHE!! We just came back from DO and it was cool fun! Met some really really cool and fun deviants and had heaps of people ask if felisdeityus was me HAHA! cos felis is really hot HAHAHA! AND!! And I saw a soul eater cosplayer!! And I loudly dropped my soul-in-a-skirt print in front of him and he nervoursly tried pulling his shirt down over his crotch PAHAHA!! Awesome, XD

I had WAY too many pictures to sell so I have heaps to get rid of HAHA! I will post them soon :love::love: FIRST I must clean up my messages and finish those commissions!! :heart:


The job that went on hiatus called me back for another 3 days of work HAHA! And Doujin Overload is this weekend, I'm doing commissions at night, but I may not get em all done this week like I said, and I also hate not replying comments when I post new pictures, so, SORRY!! I know you might not care but I feel bad for it!! I love reading all your kinky comments about germany and co HAHAHAHA!!

But now I'm doing a colour doujin all about ukitake and hitsugaya! HAHAHA! I have like, 3 ideas already, XD I'll post em when I do em after the con! XD :love:


:new: THANKS GUYS!!! :love::love: I've been having so much fun drawing fast HAHAHA! :love: I think I got enough for 20 drawings, if anyone else wants one I'll possibly take in a few more but after I do some hetalia pics that I've been dying to do!! So if you wanted to pay now and hold a spot you can, but it'll be 7-12 days before I do it... depending on how long it'll take me to hetaliate HAHA! :heart:
THANK YOU!!! :love:


My job is on hiatus, they ran outa work after 3 days!! So.... I'm taking 20 $10USD commissions. Why only $10? Cos I'm only doing them in the theme of "sexy-cool" and you're giving me free reign to do what I want with your character :P

:bulletblue: paypal's the only way.
:bulletblue: this is for ONE character only. If you must have more then it's $10 each, in the same pic.
:bulletblue: Note me with the title "commission" and the following details:

- The character (can be OCs but no full on furries unless you're amneco)
- If you DON'T want your character in a dress/skirt, you must say so.
- no other details. HAHAHA!

No one will know what the picture might turn out like until I start doing it HAHA! I feel like drawing pretty shiny boys is all! :love:

Your place is secured once paypal monies go in! :love:

1) occreater Germany (done)
2) LuvChan OC Lohinder (done)
3) Weasley-Detectives Fred + OC Nox (done)
4) foxesdemonica OC mikey (done)
5) Raitolover Zack Fair (done)
6) Amneco OC Jack (done)
7) listersgirl Edward Elric (done)
8) DeesDilemma nerdy OC (done)
9) MiOroxmysox Roxas (done)
10)sketched-dreams OCs Tommy + Enzeru (done)


1)mkp2008 OC Rhaxley  (done)
2)Kittengrl39 OCs matthias and shadow (done)
3)Eialyne + Kitsuna-Ri OCs Suzu and saku (done)
4)KiraKeiJinx Kato (done)
5)Ichigo-Rush OC Light (done)
6)shinigamihikari Riku (done)
7)Phantomness-2005 OC Nova (done)
8)second-travesty sephiroth
9)SaubeChan OC Saube
10)slimyfrogz OC Dmitri (done)

1)QuiBears OC Jericho (done)
2)Chamosia OC katana (done)
3)irethsune sanji / OC IZzy (done)
4)Phantomness-2005  twin OCs (done)
5)StarlightLore rat OC (done)
6)Chicolo Zuko + OC clover (done)
7)sgreg2 Matt and Edward Elric (done)
8)CrisisV Near (done)
9)EvilAuthor Shuu (done)
10)Kaname-Nakajima OC + Ace(done)


Prints and magnets!

NOTE ME cos if you leave a comment I might not see it for days XD...

:bulletred: paypal needed, all in $USD
:bulletred: postage $3 worldwide per 1cm letter
:bulletred: printed on semi shiny 150 (or so)gsm card stuff... haha! it's like, between paper and a postcard.

:star: Prints (about 7" square) $10 for the 1st one, $8 for any more.
:star: Magnets (about 4" square) $10 each
:star: The Set (each pic about 3.5") $33 for all 33. (11 strips of the 3-panel devs)

If you want your print/magnet laminated I can go get it done for an extra $3, if it's already laminated they're $11,

This is a materials and size comparison XD
ATLA Thirty prints anyone? by Go-Devil-Dante

ATLA Thirty:

ATLA thirty - perverty by Go-Devil-Dante ATLA thirty - hurty by Go-Devil-Dante ATLA thirty - absurdy by Go-Devil-Dante ATLA thirty - skirty by Go-Devil-Dante ATLA thirty - birdy by Go-Devil-Dante ATLA thirty - flirty by Go-Devil-Dante  

Mature Content

ATLA thirty - dirty by Go-Devil-Dante
ATLA thirty - nerdy by Go-Devil-Dante

Mature Content

ATLA thirty - Triple deal 1 by Go-Devil-Dante
ATLA thirty - Triple deal 2 by Go-Devil-Dante

Mature Content

ATLA thirty - FINALE by Go-Devil-Dante

:bulletred: Aang's eye colour has been changed to the correct grey colour, and all pics are printed without numbers in corners :)

If you want a print or magnet of something else in my gallery, note me too :)


Want doujins or $10 sketch commissions? -->… :love:


:new: That was heaps of fun thanks everyone who got a commission for either me, :iconrahhc: or :iconfelisdeityus:, parody pics are still being done and mailed out,

check out earlier parodies... or current ones  

(scroll down in that journal to find some prints I have to sell XD)



1) :iconangel-reaper: commission - Death Note MAFIA by Go-Devil-Dante
2) :iconkatierose91: Gorillaz commission - GORILLAZ RULZ by Go-Devil-Dante
3) :iconstrawberryquincy: OCs commission - dress up wheeeee by Go-Devil-Dante
4) :iconveravi: Sokka n Zuko :thumb109194399:
5) :icongodshellsing: something scary... commission - sexxxy yagami by Go-Devil-Dante

1) :iconsunchildkate:

Mature Content

commission - Penie class by Go-Devil-Dante

2) :iconthespokesman: commission - Twilighter by Go-Devil-Dante
3) :iconzpb: com - Y can't I quit u, raito by Go-Devil-Dante
4) :icondeborahs-conscience: her n Raito commission - special cakes by Go-Devil-Dante
5) :iconchibiangel86: Sokka n Zuko commish - Zuko n Sokka's prom by Go-Devil-Dante
6) :iconnix05: Ichigo and Ishida commish - Ichigoes 2 da chapel by Go-Devil-Dante

The slots are officially filled when payment is recieved, those first to pay are drawn first, cash in the hand is worth boys in the bush. haha! XD

:star:Buy leftover Prints


I've been getting heaps of notes (that remind me of the [DON'T CLICK] comment barrage) with this message inside:

"If someone by the name of Alfred Hundana (dragon_heart620) wants to add you to their list, don't accept it. It's a virus. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it, too. It is a hard drive killer and a very horrible virus. Please pass this on to everyone on your list. We need to find out who is using this account. Sorry for the inconvenience. Right click on your group name of your buddy list and click Send Message to all plz"

Firstly I dunno how you can STOP someone from adding you to their friend's list, and I dunno how something as simple as that can virus your hard drive. HOAX HOAX!!

"Tell everyone on your list" That sounds like that hotmail virus,

So basically, stop spamming, it doesn't exist. UNLESS someone has COLD HARD PROOF that it's happened to at least ten people. Then comment below with screencaps, dates, etc etc.

:star: :star::star::star: OTHER NEWS: :star::star::star::star:


                      Nerdy Thirty by Rahhc

:star:Also, after all my Avatarding I've been informed there is a place for all Zuko+Sokka fanlove to accumulate: :iconsozu-fanclub:

:star:And If by next month I still can't get a job I may open commissions again,

:star:Oh and I have one more print to sell so far:

Men in Skirts: Hitsugaya by Go-Devil-Dante $5 + $3 postage

Hope you're all having more fun than I am HAHA! :love::love:

:star: Before you ask, please read myFAQ
:star: About Death Note   click here
:star:Flash Tutorials are at the top of </b>this journal
:star:DN animations/doujins by me and other deviants right here
:star: Footnote 2 are SOLD OUT click here
:star: Bishie Pyramid Prints SOLD OUT click here

:bulletblue:Commissions closed